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TMA – Mobil 1

TMA – Mobil 1

As the art director for the Mobil 1 Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. I was responsible for working with strategy and account leads to create the monthly content calendars. Working closely with my creative director and copywriters, we also developed specific campaigns to encourage engagement on each channel.

The Drive – Mobil 1 Instagram real time activation

Role: Art Direction, Design and Animation
Working with social content strategists while at The Marketing Arm, we launched the Mobil 1 Instagram with a real time activation at Madison Square Garden. I was responsible for art direction, design and animation of the Instagram grid as well as leading the experiential design working with outside vendors. NASCAR superstar Kevin Harvick and NBA Legend Dikembe Mutumbo attended the event to interact with fans, we were also responsible for capturing content and posting in real time.


Role: Design and Animation
Mobil 1 partnered with the Aston Martin RedBull Racing team to produce Ruthless, a documentary that follows F1 driver Max Verstappen. The documentary illustrates the extreme physical force that F1 drivers withstand. I was responsible for design and animation of the wordmark and title animation.

Logotype design & storyboard


Role: Art Direction and Design
Our team was responsible for the #1Year1OilChange campaign, which brought focus to customers only needing an annual oil change when using Mobil 1. Working with strategy and account on monthly calendars as well as one off campaigns, we brought the #1Year1OilChange concept to life across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Animated GIFs

Facebook engagement posts